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FREE Swatch Sheet

FREE Swatch Sheet

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This is a Swatch Sheet Template to Swatch your Glitters and Micas over different color Vinyls. You can also use this as an easy way to match your Swatched Pigments to patterned vinyls for your projects.

What's Included:
CG Swatch Sheet Template for long Template Tape - 11.5 x 20in
CG Swatch Sheet Template for regular Template Tape - 11.5 x 16.75in
Swatch Label Blanks Template - 5.75 x 9.04in

How to use it:
- Apply a sheet of Template Tape to your vinyl color of choice (ideally black or white).
- Cut the Swatch Sheet file onto the Template Tape. 
- Glitter the base of your Crystal Ball Swatch the same color as your vinyl to easily identify the vinyl color at a glance.
- Glitter the Ball itself with your Glitter/Mica of choice.
- Cut the Label Blanks file on regular printer paper and apply to the label section of the Swatch Sheet. Label with your Swatched color.

This is priced for $0.01 but using code SWATCH will discount to $0. 

**Special thanks to Stacie L for showcasing the idea in the Facebook Group Chat and giving me permission to make an official version for you all!**

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