Lost/Damaged Packages

Your mail doesn’t always arrive in the same condition it left us in. It is unfortunate, but occasionally it does happen. We are proactive in attempting to avoid potential mishaps during shipment with extra precautions such as using perforated seals on products, as well as hold ourself accountable for errors in processing by having both the order fulfillment as well as carrier pickup carried out on camera.


In the event you receive a package that contains damaged or missing items, or is lost all together, a claim needs to be filed with USPS to recoup the loss. In the past this is something we have handled on our end as a courtesy to you, our amazing supporters. Moving forward we will no longer be processing this on our end as it will, at some point, become unsustainable for us to handle alone, especially as we move into the holiday season. Fortunately, the claims can be processed by either sender or recipient and we have made this guide available to you to make submitting the claim on your own as quick and smooth as possible.

In addition to submitting this claim with USPS, please also email us at kris@cultglitter.com with any relevant information so we can check our systems to determine if it was an internal error. Lost or damaged package concerns that are sent to us on social platforms will be ignored. Please reach out via email. While we aim for perfection, mistakes can happen. We value our customers and take great pride in our business and as a result any internal errors will reach a quick resolution. That is our promise to you.

Please note: We have made it a priority and are actively evolving our processes and options available to make these scenarios, not only less likely, but also easier to manage in the event they happen anyway, whether it be by our hands or during shipment.

How long do I have to file a claim for a damaged item?

  • When to file varies depending on the shipping method. Almost all orders we send out are shipped Priority. A few ship First Class Package. File claims for Priority packages between 15 and 60 days from the mailing date. File claims for First Class packages between 45 days and 1 year from the mailing date.


What do I need to have to submit a claim for my damaged order?

  • Tracking number
  • Photo of shipping label
  • Proof of value, such as your order confirmation email.
  • Proof of damage, such as photos of the damage.

Save this information as well as the damaged items until you have received confirmation that your case is closed.


Where do I submit this information?

  • You submit all available information, here, by clicking the link available under step 3.


What if my item is lost?

  • If your item is lost you can request a Missing Mail Search, here, by filling out the form linked in option 3.


More information is available, here, at USPS.com


We are looking into options to make this process easier in the future should an event, such as these, ever occur involving your order. You can check back to this page for updates. Any changes will be immediately reflected here.