- What are the cut settings for the Template Tape? I have tried the recommended settings in the Template Tape description and I am still having issues.

Some Cricut users are having issues cutting the Template Tape even when using the recommended settings. In these cases many have had success applying the Template Tape to vinyl before cutting as a preventative for it cutting all the way through. Another option is to use a scrap piece of Template Tape and cut small circles into the tape with various settings to test what works best for your machine. One user with the Cricut Air 2 has reported that using the Iron-on+ setting did the trick for her!

- Will the Glitter colors bleed? Can this Glitter be used for Nail Art? Are they safe for Cosmetic use? For Resin Art?

No, it will not bleed. All of our Glitters are Solvent-Resistant. Fun fact: I went to Cosmetology School for Nails. I have personally used these glitters in acrylic and there is no bleeding. I have reached out to my supplier to verify and they have confirmed this glitter is safe for cosmetic use. You can also use them in resin without issue!

- Why didn't the Loyalty Program give me points for my Birthday?

The system will not honor Birthdays that occur in less than 30 days from account creation. (This is a third-party decision, not ours.) If your Birthday occurs within this time frame, let us know by reaching out to us from the Contact page. We can add them manually.

- I signed up for the Loyalty Program but I didn't receive my 10 Black Cats for doing it. How do I fix it?

This is usually because you didn't respond to the verification email that was sent during sign up. Sometimes it goes to SPAM. See the question below.


- Why didn't I get the verification email when signing up for the Loyalty Program?

Be sure to check your SPAM folder for this email. This is where ours went. It's likely yours will, too.

- I know I completed this task to Earn Black Cats but it is still asking me to do it and I haven't Earned my Black Cats. What do I do?

Sometimes this happens. No worries. Click on the task again, as if you're going to complete it, and it should update. If for some reason it doesn't, hop on over to the Contact page and let us know. We'll fix it.

- Where did my Black Cat Loyalty Rewards go?

Loyalty Rewards will expire 12 months from the date they were rewarded. If you feel they are missing for some other reason, reach out to us and we'll look into it for you!

- I have a question about my Shop Pay Payment Plan, who do I talk to?

The Shop Pay Installments are handled by a third-party. We have no access to their system. Here is a link to their Help page where they can help you.


Was your question not listed? Head over to our Contact page and ask us!