About Us

As a crafter trying to start up a small business for the first time, I realized how quickly you're able to over spend on the basic supplies needed for your handmade items. Especially when the basic supplies have so many variables, like glitter. Local stores have the same boring items, and online shops are so over-priced. Me being me, I started digging myself a little rabbit hole searching for affordable glitter. After some trial and error, I ended up in contact with a manufacturer who can supply me with a large amount of glitter but it's way more than any one person would ever need. That's when I decided, I'll buy what I want and sell off the excess. That's when Aberrant Glitter was born.
Under Aberrant Glitter, I went through a lot of changes and learned quite a bit about running an online business. I built a relationship with many of my customers, most of whom I still talk to today. It was a great experience that ended after a couple years due to major changes coming up in my personal life. A new job, different hours, marriage, moving... so I made the difficult decision to close it down. It stayed closed for a year. In that time we were able to buy our first home in Middleburg FL, a new car, got married, both of us got promotions... things were changing. After settling into our new way of life, I realized I had more time on my hands than I anticipated and I found myself back in the familiar struggle with finding affordable glitter. After talking with my husband, we decided we'd relaunch Aberrant Glitter, making sure to fix some details that were troublesome in the past. With a new life, and new business free of the hiccups of the past, we decided to rebrand instead of unearth Aberrant. Everything else in our life was changing, why not continue the trend? Another new start. 

(We already changed but forgot to cut the cake! LOL)

The Cult Glitter Co. is the result of our efforts. With experience under our belt and a new manufacturing supplier to rely on, we were able to cut out the middleman and start preparing to build our new home on the internet. Lots of late nights, brainstorming, and spreadsheets later we had our vision and set out to build it. We knew we wanted to make things as affordable as possible and provide a personal and welcoming experience while giving our customers a reason to come back. We planned and planned, then we planned some more. We came up with program ideas, discount release schedules, features to work towards releasing in the future. We decided to adopt one of our cats, Luna, as a mascot. We factored in everything we possibly could in advance until the only thing left to do was pack the glitter and list the products. Now, here we are today. Our new business is launched and we're eager to keep it growing and improving. In the first week we released not only our Loyalty and Referral Program, but also added the option for Free Shipping for large orders to help our customers save even more. 

We have many plans for the future of The Cult Glitter Co., and can't wait to implement our ideas when the time comes. We're eager to provide our customers with an even better experience in the future such as additional features, discounts, programs, and more. It's our intention for our customer base to be our family, and through our growth we hope to bring value to you as our new family. We are very grateful for your support of our small business, and we can't wait to continue helping you with yours!